Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Featured Photographer - Joan Carroll

Today's featured artist is photographer Joan Carroll, who told us:

I loved photography even when I had an Instamatic camera back in the 60s! And I loved to travel as long as I can remember! My first 'real' camera was a Nikkormat, bought when I was in college after a friend introduced me to 35 mm photography. When I would travel, I would pack my suitcase with all different kinds of film, ready for all light conditions. Through it all, I tried to teach myself the nuts and bolts of light, aperture, and focus. 

Fast forward to the digital age and several intervening careers doing something other than photography. I made a trip to Beijing, China in 2008 to attend the Summer Olympics, armed with a new point and shoot digital camera.  A dormant photographer could not have asked for a better inspiration to jump back into photography again. I now work with a digital Nikon camera, but the love of photography and travel have changed little!

I am still largely a self-taught photographer. Luckily aperture and depth of field haven't changed in all those years, but the ability to draw out the best from a scene is a world away from where I started. However, I believe the essential element in the photograph is still the photographer. I believe in what Ansel Adams said “In my mind’s eye, I visualize how a particular…sight and feeling will appear on a print”. Without sounding too mystical, a scene has to 'speak' to me! Sometime when we travel, I will look at other people taking photographs and look in the direction they are shooting and wonder what they are 'seeing'. I think we all have to 'see' something ourselves in order to make a more effective image.

My website includes many galleries of  images from travel in the USA and in many places in Europe. I also have a great variety of topical galleries with images of lighthouses, covered bridges, landscapes, county courthouses, animals, windows and doors, world religious architecture, barns, boats, clocks, stairways and even cemeteries. 
Medieval - Prague Czech Republic 
I feel so honored and humbled and thrilled that people buy my work! My own art purchases hang on my walls for years! So I know that you really have to love a piece of art, and have it mean something to you, to make a purchase. I want to be able to make more artworks that strike that chord in people. 

Please visit my work on Fine Art America at http://joan-carroll.artistwebsites.com/ and at http://joan-carroll.pixels.com/. Here my images can be purchased as art prints, canvases, acrylic or metal prints, greeting cards, and even cell-phone covers. Visit me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/PhotoArt-by-Joan-Carroll/277132492277. Follow my postings on twitter (https://twitter.com/joancarroll) or Pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/joan1992/).
Shenandoah Vista

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