Saturday, 30 June 2012

How to Photograph Water – PictureCorrect

An informative article by Peter Timko

Photographing waterfalls presents the photographer with the opportunity to create some very creative shots. When photographed properly, you can make running water appear soft and almost ghost-like.

This technique is not difficult to master, but it takes a fair amount of stamina and perseverance to achieve…not to mention some physical agility.

This technique is best suited for cameras that have the ability to manually adjust the shutter speed and focus. Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras are best equipped for this type of setup, but quality point-and-shoot cameras may work just as well.

Follow the link to read the remainer of the article:

How to Photograph Water – PictureCorrect

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Photography: The Whole Story

If you enjoy reading about the history of photography, this new book, due to be published on 26th September, may be well worth buying.

Unlike many other artistic media, photography's origins are well documented, as are its ever-changing technologies and applications. Written by an international team of experts, this definitive history of photography looks at every step of the field's dynamic evolution, period by period and movement by movement.

Each key genre is chronologically presented within its social, economic, and political context, along with close analysis of specially selected works that best exemplify the characteristics of the period.

With more than 500 gorgeous examples in black and white and color, the book explores in-depth virtually every aspect of the medium since its first public demonstration in 1839 to the latest innovations: from early portraits and the birth of photojournalism to travel photography and the mapping of the world; from the Pictorialists to the avant-garde; from celebrity and fashion to documentary and landscape.

Along the way readers will learn why some photographs are considered iconic, and why the medium as an art form continues to challenge and enthrall us.

Click to pre-order Photography: The Whole Story

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How to Edit Photos in Lightroom – PictureCorrect

If you are considering changing your photo editing tools to Lightroom, this article and video  from PictureCorrect will prove invaluable.

While Photoshop has some excellent features for editing photographs, it’s not necessarily known as fast way to edit multiple images. That’s where Lightroom comes into play. According to Future Media Concept’s, Katherine Houghton, we should be thinking of Lightroom as a combination of Camera RAW, Adobe Bridge, and Photoshop.

Three powerful editing tools rolled up into one package. Houghton, a Lightroom expert, has made a video tutorial aimed at teaching photographers how they can make Lightroom work for them. The video is just under an hour long, so make sure you have some free time before you get started watching it:

How to Edit Photos in Lightroom – PictureCorrect

My Introduction to Wildlife Photography.

I have recently published an article on the Focusing on Wildlife website, and I am pleased to repeat it below:

Allthough I had been taking photos for many years, they were only ever of holidays or family events – I was simply one of the many people who took photograps, in no way was I a photographer.

This began to change in February 2010 when my wife and I were lucky enough to be able to go on our first Safari holiday, to Kenya. Knowing that there would be fantastic opportunities to take some memorable photograohs, I decided to upgrade my basic point and shoot camera to something a little better.

After extensive research, I decided on a Panasonic Lumix because it seemed easy to use and was very compact which was important when actually on safari. After purchasing the camera I took one look at the 128 page manual and quickly decided to set the controls to Auto and that is how all of the Safari photos were taken.

On return from Safari, I decided that I should take up photography as a serious hobby and so I jpoined the local camera club, and at the start of this year upgraded to an entry level DSLR, the Canon1100D and a Tamron 70 – 300 lens.

I am still very much an amateur but am hopefully learning and improving my general photography skills.

I have added a couple of the photos I took, which I hope you will appreciate..

Safari metal prints
Cape Buffalo

Safari metal prints
Lion Couple

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Baby Robins

Spent a little time yesterday afternoon taking photos of the baby robins in the garden. I hope you like them!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

How to Photograph Whales

A very interesting article for anyone interested in wildlife photography in general and whales in particular.

Micheal Daniel Ho is a Travel and Wildlife photographer living in California, and writes:

As a wildlife photographer, I have taken a few images of some of Nature’s smallest creatures, like the incredible Hummingbirds, and her biggest, the Blue Whale – the largest animal living on our planet, ever. Cetaceans, the term used to describe porpoises, dolphins and whales, are mammals, just like ourselves. They are warm-blooded, have mammary glands to feed their young, possess a four chambered heart and have hairs on their bodies.

Follow the link to read the remainder of the article:-

How to Photograph Whales – PictureCorrect

Learn Digital Photography with Geoff Lawrence

A new ebook has been published by Geoff Lawrence, who runs a very informative web site with lots of tips and information.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have already started down the road, this book is for you. It assumes no prior knowledge and is suitable for the absolute beginner. But if you do already have some knowledge and experience, there will still be plenty here you can learn that will help you improve.

Learning photography is a path that, whilst easy to get started on (just point and shoot), takes a lifetime to master properly. There is always something new to learn and we are all still learning, including me.

This collection of tutorials and tips will take you from absolute beginner, help you through the learning curve and leave you at the end with a level of knowledge that will help you to deal with any photographic situation.

To get more details click here.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Birds and Bees

Had half day off work as it's my birthday and as the sun is shining, spent a short time in the garden practising with the camera.

Nothing outstanding but reasonably pleased with the results, especially of the bees - the darn things wouldn't stay still for very long though!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Drive in the Cotswolds

Went for a drive round this afternoon to explore our new surroundings and ended up in Burford and then at the Waterfowl Sanctuary at Wigginton, near Banbury.

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Is Photoshop CS6 Worth the Upgrade? – PictureCorrect

For those of you using Photoshop who are thinking of upgrading to CS6 this article by Robert Schwarztrauber is well worth reading.

Is Photoshop CS6 Worth the Upgrade? – PictureCorrect

(If you do decide to upgrade, click on this link for a great offer from Amazon
Adobe Photoshop CS6, Upgrade Version from Photoshop CS3/CS4/CS5 )

Personally, I still use Elements 9, and here is one of my recent images, of the London Eye.

London framed prints

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Photography at Noon in Harsh Sunlight

For some great tips on taking photos in bright sunlight, check out this article:

A sunny day is a perfect day to capture great images. With fair skies and the sun smiling, you have all the time to shoot and capture just about any scene or object you like. Whether you want to take photos of people, landscapes or objects around you, you can do so at your own free will.

Click here to read the full article:-

Photography at Noon in Harsh Sunlight – PictureCorrect

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Photography Tips for Waves, Waterscapes and Waterfalls – PictureCorrect

Is your camera gathering dust right now? Is it because you can’t think of anything to take pictures of? Then you’ve caught the photo doldrums! What’s the remedy? It’s quite possibly something very simple – you need to start shooting the ideal photo subject. To read more click on the link...

Photography Tips for Waves, Waterscapes and Waterfalls – PictureCorrect

Here is a recent photo I took of water, in Lanzarote:

On The Beach

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Our new garden

We moved home a couple of weeks ago and below are some photos of our garden. I will post more as we get it into shape and also we hope to attract a variety of birds to the garden, which hopefully I will photograph. At present we have seen lots of sparrows and pidgeons but the only one I have photographed so far is the robin - and even that is on the next door neighbours shed!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Macro Photography Tips for Getting Close – PictureCorrect

There are two types of cameras that a most often used for getting close up shots. They are ‘point and shoot’ cameras and SLR, or single lens reflex cameras. SLR cameras are either digital or film read more, click on link below:-

Macro Photography Tips for Getting Close – PictureCorrect

Three headed giraffe ..continued....

My favourite photo of the three headed giraffe, has been featured today on as their Picture of the Day and has received lots of pleaseing comments.

If you havent seen it yet, click on giraffe in the labels section on the right, or to see the national press coverage it received, click on "Published Work" in the menu above.

Monday, 4 June 2012

5 Things You Can Change To Take Better Pictures – PictureCorrect

Photographic skills needed!” Or, “photography classes.” These are the search terms many of us need to enter into our favorite search engine so that we can figure out how to take better pictures.
Actually, there is no shortage of great photographers, but not everyone that totes a digital camera is necessarily a creative genius, nor are they all products of photography classes. That being said, there are some things you can do to improve your photographic skills and abilities and, hence, your images.
To read more, follow the link:-

5 Things You Can Change To Take Better Pictures – PictureCorrect

Wildlife album added to Galleries

I have just added a Wildlife Album to the Galleries. Here is a taster for you:-

Wildlife prints
Wildlife prints

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Off-Camera Lighting in Photography – PictureCorrect

If you’re just breaking into the world of lighting, you may want to devote a couple hours to Erik Valind’s recent seminar on controlling off-camera lighting. While the course is aimed at beginners, there are still tips scattered throughout the video that even a seasoned pro might find useful. Valind used a model to shoot live examples of different topics for the viewers, it really kept the seminar interesting and on track. Take a look :-

Off-Camera Lighting in Photography – PictureCorrect

New Gallery Added to Tonysphotos

Following my trip to London yesterday, I have now added a London album to the main website. If you wish to view it, just click London Album. And here are a couple of the photos showing views up and down the Thames as a taster for you!

London metal prints

View downstream from Hungerford Bridge

View upstream from Westminster Bridge

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

London Eye

Spent an hour or so around the Embankment this afternoon and took a few shots of the London Eye and Houses of Parliament. Nothing particularly exciting, but here are 2 or 3 of my favourites.