Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Introduction to Wildlife Photography.

I have recently published an article on the Focusing on Wildlife website, and I am pleased to repeat it below:

Allthough I had been taking photos for many years, they were only ever of holidays or family events – I was simply one of the many people who took photograps, in no way was I a photographer.

This began to change in February 2010 when my wife and I were lucky enough to be able to go on our first Safari holiday, to Kenya. Knowing that there would be fantastic opportunities to take some memorable photograohs, I decided to upgrade my basic point and shoot camera to something a little better.

After extensive research, I decided on a Panasonic Lumix because it seemed easy to use and was very compact which was important when actually on safari. After purchasing the camera I took one look at the 128 page manual and quickly decided to set the controls to Auto and that is how all of the Safari photos were taken.

On return from Safari, I decided that I should take up photography as a serious hobby and so I jpoined the local camera club, and at the start of this year upgraded to an entry level DSLR, the Canon1100D and a Tamron 70 – 300 lens.

I am still very much an amateur but am hopefully learning and improving my general photography skills.

I have added a couple of the photos I took, which I hope you will appreciate..

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Cape Buffalo

Safari metal prints
Lion Couple

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