Sunday, 15 July 2012

Birding in The Gambia (Part two)

Purple Starling
In the first part of this article, which I posted on 9th of this month, I talked about the feeding of the vultures in the hotel we stayed at, The Senegambia, when we visited The Gambia last year. The hotel also has a resident bird guide, who, apart from feeding the vultures, conducts walks around the hotel grounds. Here are a few of the birds we saw in the hotel.

Little Bee Eaters

Red billed Firefinch

Senegal Coucal

There are several organised tours to popular sights, but we decided to visit Lamin Lodge, with a guide organsed by the hotel's local resident guide. Now Lamin Lodge is a three-story wooden construction on stilts, overlooking the mangroves of the river Gambia. Situated at the riverside of Lamin village, Lamin Lodge is basically a restaurant, which can receive groups of up to 140 people.

However as I said, we went on a trip organised by a local guide, and while the next two picures are not of birds, I feel that they do give an idea of the atmosphere we experienced. Nevertheless we had an enjoyable visit which I hope is captured in the following images.


Purple Heron

Purple Heron

If you go to The Gambia it is well worth investing in a good bird guide book, and I can recommend this one:

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