Saturday, 21 July 2012

Black and White Pictures – PictureCorrect

Many people, including myself up to a few months ago, thought - why take black and white photos, when you can take them in glorious, vibrant colour?

This article from Mary Foster gives some usefull tips on black and white photography:-

Learn self-expression and interpretation using these black and white photography techniques.

This is not to say that the same learning process is not offered in color or digital photography, but by removing the color from your images, you take them one step from the depiction as a simple likeness. They are now unlike the world as we all see it around us. This is where knowing a bit about composition and the elements of photography comes in. You are in essence designing your images. The black and white photography techniques outlined here will help you create some amazing pictures.

To read the rest of the article, follow the link:-

Black and White Pictures – PictureCorrect

If you wish to develop your black and white skills further, this book gives you all the answers.

While many books cater for both ambitious newcomers and advanced darkroom enthusiasts, black and white is too often treated as an afterthought. Since the first edition of this book, the software tools for black and white have moved on, with many photographers preferring to use advanced tools on the frontiers of digital imaging, like Adobe Lightroom 3, which can manipulate entire batches of images at once.
 This new edition more than keeps pace, while covering updates in Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 too. You will discover the most creative ways to convert your picture to black and white, how to fine-tune the monochrome image and how to emphasise your subjects qualities. With quick solutions to common problems and flexible, non-destructive methods for finer control, this book will enable you to produce the finest, most expressive black-andwhite interpretations of your pictures.

Here is a sample of a black and white photo I took earlier this year. (I say "took" actually I took it in colour and converted it to B&W in Photoshop)

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