Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Five Tips to Improve Your Travel Photography – PictureCorrect

The world can be an overwhelming sensory experience, filled with sight, sound and aroma designed to delight all of your senses. How do you capture that experience in a photograph? Most people don’t. Instead, they show their photos with an apology – “You had to be there.” Your job as a travel photographer is to take them there through your photos. So how do you make sure you come home with a killer shot?
Keep reading to discover five tips to unlock the secrets of how to take good pictures.
Five Tips to Improve Your Travel Photography – PictureCorrect

If you need any inspiration, have alook at this:

Presenting the year's very best wildlife images, Wildlife Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio 21 is the latest memorable collection of photographs from this highly successful series.
It features all winning and commended photographs from the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 competition.
Taken by the world's top professional and amateur photographers, the images are not only technically flawless, but creative, innovative and surprising.
Each stunning photograph is accompanied by an extended caption that explains where and how it was taken.
This outstanding collection features a wide range of natural subjects and styles, from vivid scenes of animal behaviour and breathtaking landscapes to the beauty of plant life and pictures of urban wildlife. Together they reveal the splendour, drama and variety of life on Earth.

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