Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New website for Photography Concentrate

Triple huge announcement for you today! Not only have Photography Concentrate just launched a completely brand new website, but to celebrate they're holding both a huge 30% off sale on ALL their tutorials, and a sweet giveaway for a $200 Amazon Gift Card!

The site is run by enthusiastic photographers Rob and Lauren Lim, and offers articles, freebies and tutorials as well as an acive blog.

This quote from the site sums up the sites philosophy:-

If you’re a hobbyist, we want to help you take better images, and really capture the important things in your life. This is probably the most important type of photography that can be created right now. Be stoked.
If you’re a pro, we want to help you create a successful business that makes you happy. There are so many things you need to learn, but with some fundamental skills you can live the photographic life that you dream of.
If you’re thinking about becoming a pro, we want to help you navigate the epic journey you’re about to embark on. It’s a tough one, but completely worth all the hard work.
It all boils down to one concept…

Photography is for life.

Photographers never stop shooting. Why would you? Life never stops being interesting.
So, if we’re all in this for the rest of our lives, let’s start learning now so we can be exceptional photographers for the many years to come.
And hey, let’s have a blast while we’re at it, ok?

So check out Photography Cocentrate and see what you think.

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