Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Nikon D800 vs D800E Digital SLR Review

The Nikon D800 offers 36.3 megapixels in a full frame Digital SLR, the D800E does as well, but offers even more detail, find out how the two cameras differ in this in-depth review from ePhotozine.

Nikon D800 vs D800E Features

The Nikon D800 and D800E specifications are exactly the same, however, the big difference can be found right in front of the sensor, and this makes a noticeable difference in image quality and results. Follow the link to read the full, comprehensive review.

Nikon D800 vs D800E Digital SLR Review

If you decide that a D800, is rather too expensive at just under £3,000 try a Nikon D3100 at just £362.50.If however you do invest in the D800, get the most out of it by reading David Busch's Nikon D800/D800E Guide to Digital SLR Photography is the perfect companion for you.

The Nikon D800/D800E is the long-anticipated replacement for Nikon's D700 full-frame (FX) model and features ISO up to 204,400, a new exposure sensor with 91,000-pixel resolution, and advanced HDTV video features. This book will help you explore the world of digital photography, flex your creativity, and get the most out of your D800/D800E.
With clear how-to steps and full-color illustrations, David Busch's Nikon D800/D800E Guide to Digital SLR Photography covers all the features of this powerful camera in depth, from taking your first photos through advanced details of setup, exposure, lenses, lighting, and more, and relates each feature to specific photographic techniques and situations.

With David Busch as your guide, you'll be in full creative control, whether you're shooting on the job, as an advanced hobbyist, or are just out for fun. Start building your knowledge, creativity, and confidence with the Nikon D800/D800E today.

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