Monday, 6 August 2012

Portrait Retouching Tips and Techniques – PictureCorrect

If your interests are in the realm of portrait photography you should find this article and accompanying video of interest,

There is a fine line between a subtly enhanced photograph and one that has been over “Photoshopped.” Fact of the matter is, we are always trying to find ways in which we can improve our photography and sometimes those ways might include retouching an image. This is especially true when it comes to beauty and fashion spreads. Professional photo retoucher, Pratik Naik is here to share some of his best tips on how to enhance your photographs, all the while maintaining the spirit of the original image. The video is about 45 minutes long and offers great advice from beginning to end, so you may want to grab a piece of paper for some note taking!

Portrait Retouching Tips and Techniques – PictureCorrect

To study the art of portrait photography further, read  Creative Portrait Photography .

The very best portrait photography is not about recording what someone looks like, not even about how they look at their best, or under certain conditions.

A great portrait photographer will strive to give the viewer access into their subjects inner self; a window on their soul. In the digital age, this isnt simply a matter of good direction and carefully planned lighting.

The range of options available to the photographer includes an artistic element now possible through editing and compositing that was simply not available in the past.

This book takes the photographer through all of the possibilities they might use to bring our their subjects inner self, from advice on how to build a relationship with your subject and plan your shoot, to tips on directing them, as well as complete step-by-step guides on creating some digital masterpieces.

As well as this, there is an extensive showcase chapter in which other photographer-artists work and working methods is laid bare for the reader to learn from. In short, this book will transform your perspective on portrait photography.

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