Monday, 20 August 2012

Spotlight on Street Photographer Sagi Kortler

Continuing our series of turning the spotlight on to successful photographers, we are looking at Sagi Kortler, courtesy of 121 Clicks.

My name is Sagi Kortler and I’m a street photographer from Israel.

Born in 1972 in Israel. I’m a self taught photographer and as many others, I started with photographing everything. My pictures became better and better technically wise but I felt that something is missing.

I felt that I was a technician of the camera and not a photographer, a creator. I wanted more and by searching for more meaning in my photography I found street photography. Street photography felt right from the beginning, I felt I was connecting to my subject and to the process of creation. It’s a kind of photography that is made from the heart and not from the head. There are no defined rules to live by.

I’m a freelance photographer and I’ve Been devoting my life to Street photography since 2009. Street photography for me is more than a genre of photography; it’s an approach to photography and to life. It is how I look at the world and how I see it even if I don’t have a camera.

I make pictures by intuition, because I feel that I need to click the exposure button at that exact time. I do not plan or stage my photos, I’m a fly on the wall. I let life unfold before me, I capture and present it as I see it, and I bring my own unique perspective of the everyday life. I’m an observer of humanity and life, my role is to document the world I live in to tell its story from my point of view.

My hope is for my work to become a part of a global pool of documentations for future generations so they will be able to learn and understand the times I live in.

To view some great photos by Sagi, click on the following link:

Inspiring Street Photography By Sagi Kortler

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