Monday, 13 August 2012

Telling a Story with Athletic Photography – PictureCorrect

With the Paralympics just over two weeks away this is an opportune time to discover how one photographer ran a Paralympic photoshoot.

Join digital artist, Benjamin Von Wong, as he gives us a behind the scenes look at a Paralympic dressage photoshoot. Von Wong breaks down three different photographs and gives us a rundown on what he was shooting for, how each was lit, and the troubles each scene presented:

Telling a Story with Athletic Photography – PictureCorrect

For more information and some stunning photography have a look at this official London 2012 publication.

Power and Movement : Portraits of Britain's Paralympic Athletes

Power and Movement redefines traditional perceptions of disability, fitness and power.

Stunning original photographs capture the skill, poise and haunting beauty of Paralympic athletes preparing for the challenge of London 2012.

Inspirational captions reveal individual athletes' aspirations and motivation through quotes and personal insights.

This extraordinary collection celebrates the joy and beauty of expert movement, and the remarkable individuals who achieve it.

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