Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Art of the Local Photo Safari

How to Find Interesting Photo Subjects When There Are None

If you are like me and are always complaining that you have nothing to photograph unless you go away to find a a "photogenic" location, this article from our friends at Light Stalking should help to inspire you to take great photographs on your own doorstep.

We’ve all been there, wandering around the house aimlessly, wishing there was something interesting to take a picture of. We sigh, and stare at our beautiful camera sitting there, taunting us with its beautiful strap, calling out to be picked up and shouldered.

Then, we throw ourselves onto the couch and peer listlessly out the window wishing we were in Italy, or perhaps Africa. Moscow would be nice this time of year, wouldn’t it? There would be lots of photographs there!

But don’t fret, friends, because there is hope!

It is possible to find wonderful interesting photographs right where you live. But how you ask! I live in the middle of nowhere! I’ve taken pictures of everything there is to shoot.

No, you haven’t!

To read the rest of the article follow the link: The Art of the Local Photo Safari.

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