Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Sad, Wasteful Afterlife of Olympic Venues

We all hope that the London Olympics meets its ambitions of leaving a Legacy to the community. Many previous Olympic locations have had similar aims. Lets hope that the Olympic Park and other Olympic locations, don't end up in a few years time, like some of the ones shown in this article:

Cities spend hundreds of millions of dollars (at least!) attracting the Olympics, preparing for the tourist onslaught, housing athletes and getting people to and fro. But what happens when the hoopla is over?

Some cities manage to re-purpose the infrastructure built for the games—Atlanta handed much of its Olympic park over to Georgia Tech, for example. But many, perhaps most, of the building is ultimately left to rot.

Beach Volleyball Stadium from 2008 Beijing Olympics
Follow the link to see more examples:
The Sad, Wasteful Afterlife of Olympic Venues

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