Friday, 17 August 2012

Time-lapse Photography: The Amazing Work of Terje Sorgjerd – PictureCorrect

About a week ago I posted an article about time-lapse photography. Below is a link to four great time-lapse videos.

One of the most popular and talented time-lapse photographers in the world is Terje Sorgjerd. He has released four videos to the public shown below; all of which have received millions of views. His work has been featured on many of the largest media outlets including CNN, NBC, Reuters, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal and most recently as a moving background on the Bing search engine. Take a moment and enjoy:

Time-lapse Photography: The Amazing Work of Terje Sorgjerd – PictureCorrect

If you wish to learn more on the subject of time-lapse photography this book by John Nash Ott should prove of interest.

Shortly after making my first automatic timer and completing several time-lapse sequences of common garden flowers, I began thinking about writing a book on the subject of time-lapse photography.

However, there were at that time several minor problems to be ironed out before I could give all the answers, but as each solved problem would create a bigger one, this project was temporarily postponed. 

Perhaps this was a mistake, for during the past thirty years the number of unanswered questions has steadily increased and at an ever faster rate. Like so many other subjects, considerable knowledge and experience are required to realize how much more there is still to be learned. 

This is certainly proving to be true in taking time-lapse pictures. Although I have exposed a good many feet of motion picture film, I am convinced I have hardly scratched the surface as far as the possible applications of time-lapse photography to all kinds of research projects.

 My Ivory Cellar: The Story of Time-Lapse Photography (Classic Reprint)

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