Sunday, 2 September 2012

Photographing Wildlife – The Eyes Have It – PictureCorrect

I first became interested in photography as a serious hobby after going on safari a couple of years ago. Although pleased with the photos I took, see below for some examples, they may have been improved had I read the following article!

For beginners, wildlife photography can be one of the toughest fields to master. Along with all the challenges of everyday photography, you also have to work with subjects that have no interest in cooperating.

For an experienced photographer, there are so many things one would love to pass on to beginners to help them get started. Good lighting is essential. Timing and composition are subtle arts that come with lots of patience and experience. But what is the one golden rule of wildlife photography that one should learn above all else?

Follow the link to discover that goldenrule: Photographing Wildlife – The Eyes Have It – PictureCorrect

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