Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Photography For Beginners – Using a Tripod – PictureCorrect

This article from Picture Correct is written by Andrew Goodall who is a nature photographer based in Australia. 

Digital cameras offer a level of technology that was unimagined only a few short years ago. The funny thing is, the old techniques are still as important as ever.

A tripod is still an essential piece of equipment for good photography. For beginners, the purchase of a tripod is usually a sign that one is ready to move beyond the snapshot stage and get more serious about photography. But if you have managed without a tripod in the past, perhaps you have wondered if you should take the plunge, or continue to get by without. So here is the first question you need to answer: “Do I need a tripod?”

To find the answer to the question, follow the link: Photography For Beginners – Using a Tripod – PictureCorrect

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