Thursday, 20 September 2012

Simple Fill Flash Tips

Some basic tips on using fill flash in your photography, from Digital Photography School.

Learning some very simple fill flash tips will help elevate the quality of your photographs. This tutorial will teach you to fill in shadows and help create more professional looking portraits. These tips can be applied to shooting indoors with window light and can also be great for shooting outdoors in open shade (no direct sunlight).

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To get a greater understanding of using flash photography, get this book, it does what it says on the label!

Understanding Flash Photography

This guide to on- and off-camera flash picks up where Understanding Exposure leaves off, helping free photographers from the limitations of 'auto'; to get the images they want when natural light isn't enough.

For the many amateur photographers afraid to venture past natural lighting, here is the book that will finally help them explore the exciting possibilities of artificial light. In his trademark easy-to-understand style, Bryan Peterson explains not only how flash works, but how to go beyond 'TTL'; automatic flash exposure to master manual flash, allowing readers to control the quality, shape and direction of light for a perfect exposure, every time.

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