Sunday, 30 September 2012

Start a Personal Photography Project

If, like me, you sometimes find yourself sitting in your armchair waiting for inspiration on what to photograph next, why not challenge yourself, by undertaking a Personal Photography project. This article on Digital Photography School,  by Neha Singh from may help inspire you!

A Personal Photography project is a way for a photographer to showcase their passion for something. Or it can just be a way to bring structure to one’s photography hobby. It can be a great way to challenge the limits of one’s skills. Or it can be a great way to bring focus to one’s photography efforts. For amateur photographers, it can be a unique way to build an awesome portfolio. For professional photographers, it can be a truly rejuvenating experience. Personal Photography projects can take you places and make an impact. Most of all, they can be a lot of fun. Fun really is the keyword. A personal photography project will be great only if the photographer is having fun.

A Personal Photography project is just a commitment to self (not very different than committing to jog for an hour everyday). There are no rules on how to go about it. You can choose any subject and define any rules for your photography project. With this article, my attempt is to inspire you with famous examples of Personal Photography projects and then provide a few best practices & guidelines you can use in your own project. I end with some ideas that I would love to see people out there execute.

Lets dive in and look at some famous Personal Photography projects: Start a Personal Photography Project

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