Thursday, 6 September 2012

Street Photography: 7 Steps to Success – PictureCorrect

If you are like me, you enjoy viewing street photography, but are often a little nervous about doing it yourself. This article by Selena Walker on Picture Correct, should help you overcome those nerves!

Have you ever tried taking a picture of a friend and you told her to, “Just act natural?” While attempting to take the second shot, did your friend look right into the camera? Have you ever wondered how street photographers manage to capture the most candid shots of their subject?

Most of the people seem so unaware of the artistic invasion. The photographers often allow us a glimpse inside the world that they’ve created through lenses. We witness stolen moments of intimacy between two at a train station. Up close and personal shots of the homeless leave us wondering who they are.

The secret to taking great street photography is a combination of technique, emotion and a little bit of patience. If you follow the secrets below you’ll be on your way to creating inspirational images:

Street Photography: 7 Steps to Success – PictureCorrect

If you want to take your street photography seriously, have a look at this new book Street Photography: The Complete Guide
Want to take great photos out on the streets?

‘Street Photography: The Complete Guide’ is the first ‘How-To’ book on street photography, and is packed with tips and strategies for capturing amazing photos. Whether you use an iPhone or a DSLR, this book will help you take brilliant off-the-cuff pictures. 

Author Kit Sadgrove reveals the best places to find good photos, and the right vantage points at each. He explains what kind of people make the best subjects, how to take really crisp pictures, and how to take photos without being observed. 

This short but action-oriented book packs a lot of detail into its 100 pages. Sadgrove demonstrates that a world-beating street photo is always just around the corner, and proves this with over 50 candid colour photos of people taken in fast food restaurants, buses, trains and on the street. This highly motivating guide will answer all your questions.

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