Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Architecture Photographers On Holiday

This article from Digital Photo School, by Michael Toye, a professional Photographer, based in Essex and just outside of London, not only provides some valuable tips, but is worth reading just to see some of his wonderful photos.

Hands up guilty ones! Who here gets itchy feet after about 2 months and needs to travel? Worse still, do you need to have a holiday reserved as if you are trapped without this planned escape? My hand is most definitely reaching for the skies but I did just get back from Italy. I travel a lot.

In the past I have been less than prepared and, all too late on my return, it was obvious in the quality of my images. For this article, I will highlight some of my tips and tricks to make the most from a photo trip away. In addition, I have restricted the images in this article to my recent destination, Florence, to further illustrate a little planning ahead can yield great results.

Follow the link to read the rest of the article  Architecture Photographers On Holiday 

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