Friday, 26 October 2012

Capturing Birds in Flight

If you are interested in improving your photography of birds in flight, you should find this article from Picture Correct, by Andy Long, an award-winning photographer / writer who devotes his photography work to the beauty of the world around us, very interesting, as well as showing some great shots of flying birds.

A shot of a bird in flight has always been a challenge to photographers. Seeing a perfect print image only serves to make them eager to create the same result. Photographing a bird in flight presents one problem, but capturing that one special bird-in-flight shot that’s in focus and has good composition plus good light can represent a whole set of problems. Everyone has his share of good flight shots where the bird may be just a tiny bit soft. Those are easy. But, how do you get a great flight shot?

The camera technology of the last several years has made flight photography easier than it was before, but there are still lots of variables that need to be added to the equation to make good bird-in-flight photography a common part of your repertoire. Here are some fundamentals to help you increase your supply of flight shots: 

Follow the link to read the rest of this article Capturing Birds in Flight – PictureCorrect 

The Bird Photography Field Guide

Ilex follows up the successful Photographers Field Guide with a specialist title aimed at bird watchers. 

This handy book contains all the expertise you need to make your bird-watching trip into a rewarding photo session: there is copious advice on equipment, technique and field-craft, and a wealth of wonderful photos to inspire you. 

Finally, a section on the digital darkroom will help you turn your shots into perfect prints.


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