Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Custom Workspaces in Photoshop

A guest contribution to Digital Photography School from Henley Bradley, in which she shows how you can customise your workspaces in Photoshop.

I like Photoshop to open and “look the way I want to see it”. But sometimes ‘the way I want to see it’ is different than others. I’m fickle – but thankfully Photoshop plays nice with me – the secret is its Workspaces. These Workspaces let me preconfigure my Photoshop screen for various scenarios, to save them so I can reuse them, and to put everything back in its place when I mess them up.

If this sounds like something you could use – here’s how to give your Photoshop window a custom look with workspaces.

Follow the link to learn how you can :Custom Workspaces in Photoshop
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