Sunday, 7 October 2012

Depth of Field in Floral Photography

An informative article on using depth of field in floral photography from Digital Photography School, by guest contributor, Christine Havill.

Nearly every person who has held a camera has been drawn to and experienced the pleasure of photographing a flower. Most photographers however, or so I have found, deem a flower shot to be a ‘cop out’ shot. Flowers are pretty and so a photo of one will be pretty right? wrong!

A floral photograph can make for a striking, artistic and moving image. From colour popping close ups , to a sad broken rose on a memorial bench to the wedding bouquet that means so much to the bride. And although the subject matter is either meaningful, emotional or just simply beautiful, if your settings are off the photo can be appalling ruining the capture.

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Here are a few samples of photos of flowers I have taken feel free to leave a comment.

Fuscias in Garden
Eryngium bourgatii
Asiatic Lily Yellow Joy
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