Tuesday, 30 October 2012

It’s all About Framing!

There are many "rules" for taking great photos, all of which are correct 90% of the time, and all of which may be broken on occasion. I do believe that if you understand the rules, and bear them in mind before you click the shutter, they will help improve your work - just don't slavishly adhere to them. This article, by Sévrine Monnay, New York Photo Tours company citifari’s copywriter, is bought to us by our friends at Digital Photography School and gives you another rule to adhere to!

How to make a great picture? What are the keys elements that help shooting pics successfully? What should we have to be careful about to get the most out of the scene we want to remember?

Follow the link to read the rules in full:  It’s all About Framing!

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