Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Single Most Important Tip for Street Photography

This article, written by James Maher for Picture Correct, gives a novel, but valuable tip into helping you become a successful street photographer.

If you clicked this link expecting a simple technical tip to improve your street photography then you’ve come to the wrong place. This is not an article about getting closer, zone focusing, hip-shooting, camera settings, or using a wide-angle prime lens.

Practicing all of these things is important to be able capture what you see out there in our fast moving world, but thinking too much about this stuff can also distract us from what we should be thinking about, which is what we are seeking to capture out there.

Because that’s ultimately what photography, and more specifically street photography, is; it is about trying to capture what you see and think about life.

Okay, I know you want this tip. So what is this ‘single most important’ tip to street photography?

It’s simple... follow the link to discover how simple it is: The Single Most Important Tip for Street Photography – PictureCorrect
David Busch's Portrait/candid/street Photography Compact Field Guide

This compact, camera-bag-friendly field guide has been specially created to help portrait, candid, and street photographers capture great images. 

No matter which digital SLR you own, DAVID BUSCH'S PORTRAIT/CANDID/STREET PHOTOGRAPHY COMPACT FIELD GUIDE gives you the tools and techniques you'll need to achieve beautiful results when working with all three methods of photographing people. 

In six information-packed chapters, filled with helpful checklists, tables, and charts, this concise guide distills the fundamentals of good portrait/candid/street photography and puts them at your fingertips, showing you how to shoot specific situations and subjects under a variety of conditions. 

Full-color illustrations show you what results to expect from particular camera settings. From quick setup advice through tips on lighting, lenses, and more, DAVID BUSCH'S PORTRAIT/CANDID/STREET PHOTOGRAPHY COMPACT FIELD GUIDE will help you get great results every time.

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