Wednesday, 28 November 2012

P Mode on Digital SLR Cameras

This informative article from Picture Correct talks about the advantages of using the P mode on your DSLR instead of automatic or manual.

It seems that some folks are determined to make photography more difficult than it has to be. You might hear some photographers say, “I only shoot using the manual exposure mode” while others might say, “I only use the Aperture or Shutter Priority exposure mode”.

That is fine and well for those who understand the basics of camera exposures. It is also great to use those shooting modes when a change of the lens aperture opening and/or shutter speed setting will give better results for an image. But, is it really necessary to fumble with exposure controls for every shot? No, not really. That is why all cameras have Automatic Shooting Modes. Pictures taken using the automatic mode will generally come out pretty good. When you use the automatic mode, the camera will choose just about every setting for you to get a proper exposure; however, there are times when changing certain camera settings will produce a better image. Unfortunately, those settings cannot be changed when you are shooting in the automatic mode.

Follow the link toread the full article: P Mode on Digital SLR Cameras – PictureCorrect

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