Friday, 9 November 2012

Travel Photography Inspiration Project: Brazil

Digital Photography School are running a series of articles featuring readers travel photos from countries around the world. Today they focus on Brazil.

Brazil is known for its golden beaches and the Amazon rainforest, but there is more to be had in the largest country in South America. DPS readers like you submitted their photos for a look around the county from the comfort of your computer.

Follow this link to view some beautiful photos from Brazil: Travel Photography Inspiration Project: Brazil

Amazonia is, without doubt, the greatest rainforest on earth. Covering two and three quarter million square miles, it crosses the political borders of nine countries. 

Some 50 percent of the world's terrestrial species, including rare - and often unique - animals and plants are found here, while during the rainy season, a staggering one fifth of all fresh water on the planer flows along the mighty river Amazon.

Nick Gordon's photographs give us an unrivalled insight into that wilderness. Having lived in Amazonia for more than ten years, filming and photographing the wildlife and indigenous peoples of the area, he has amassed a unique and wide-ranging collection of images. 

Written in a lively and accessible style, the accompanying text is both informative and entertaining. Features in Wildlife, Travel and Photography magazines.


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