Saturday, 22 December 2012

6 Tips for Near-Macro Photography with a Telephoto Lens

This article from Digital Photography School is by Elliot Hook, a wildlife and landscape photographer based in Hertfordshire, UK, and gives some useful tips when using your telephoto lens for macro photography.

Macro photography is the art of capturing the fine detail of very small subjects that may not be able to be seen by the naked eye.  Technically, to fall under the term ‘macro’, the subject should be captured with a reproduction ratio of 1:1, i.e. the subject will be captured on the sensor at 100 % life size.

Macro lenses are specially designed to minimise the focussing distance, allowing the photographer to get closer to the subject and so increase the reproduction ratio.  There are a number of other techniques that can be used to help achieve the desired magnification without a dedicated lens (extension tubes, close-up filters, reversing rings), however, one of less often considered techniques is to use something that you probably already have in your kit bag: a telephoto lens.

To read the tips, follow this link6 Tips for Near-Macro Photography with a Telephoto Lens
Here are three of my macro images which I took using the macro setting on my zoom lens. These photos are also listed on Photo4Me and Fine Art America where you have the opportunity to buy them in a variety of formats including canvas, acrylic or metal prints as well as standard prints and greeting cards from FAA and canvas or giclĂ©e prints, posters,or acrylic sheets P4M.

Wall art canvas of Dahlia Moonflower

Dahlia Moonflower

 Fine Art America                                                 Photo4Me
Fine art print of Ipomea acuminata Morning Glory

Ipomea acuminata Morning Glory

Fine Art America                                                 Photo4Me

Alpine Eryngium bourgatii

Fine Art America                                                 Photo4Me

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