Sunday, 2 December 2012

From Snapshots to Photography

If you are relatively new to digital photography, or jut wish to brush up your knowledge, this video from Picture Correct, is presented by Jim Dicecco a professional photographer and Product Educator for Canon.

Watch the video for a front-row seat in Dicecco’s class for beginning to intermediate photographers on how to turn your snapshots into stunning photography. 

A professional photographer and Product Educator for Canon, Dicecco explains how by keeping just a few pointers in mind, you can tap into the creative right side of your brain and take your photography to the next level. Trying to keep his presentation as non-technical as possible, he focuses on two main topics: matching the right lens to the right situation, and choosing the most effective composition as you’re out shooting. 

The video is long, over an hour and a half, but is also fast-paced and packed with useful information: From Snapshots to Photography – PictureCorrect

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