Thursday, 27 December 2012

Light for Photographers

An informative article on using light, from Picture Correct, written by Colin Aiken, a professional photographer based in the United Kingdom.

Light is the essence of photography. It’s not things that we photograph, but the light they reflect. Without light, there is no photography and the way things look to us and the camera is entirely dependent on the light that reaches them.

People talk about the “quality” of light, but in fact this is a combination of four different things that all light sources possess. Every light has a level, a colour, a direction and can either be hard or soft. Unless you are working in a studio, where you have total control over the lighting, the first thing any photographer should do is to make an assessment of the light in terms of these four aspects.

Follow the link to learn about the four aspects of lightLight for Photographers – PictureCorrect

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