Thursday, 13 December 2012

Spot Metering Technique with HDR Photography

This article from Picture Correct is by Cee Dhinjan, who offers digital photography tips and a free in-depth online photography course for beginners and keen amateurs, and it gives an in-depth guide to spot metering. 

One of the most accurate and powerful ways to take meter readings of light through the lens to determine the dynamic range of a scene is spot metering. It can help you produce a correct exposure every single time you press the shutter release button.

If you’ve struggled to produce photographs that look right in the shadow, midtone and highlight regions then this step-by-step guide can help you get things right.

First, let me clear a misunderstanding about dynamic range which lies among many photographers. Dynamic range in photography is the difference in brightness from the lightest highlights to the darkest shadows. Let’s say you were shooting a sunset scene where the sky was lit up bright by the sun and the foreground was rendered dark because of its distance from the sun and the low altitude of the sun itself at that time of day. Such scenes have dynamic ranges of several stops.

Follow the link to read the article in full: Spot Metering Technique with HDR Photography – PictureCorrect
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