Sunday, 23 December 2012

Travel Photography: Planning & Documenting

An interesting article from Picture Correct by photographer Peter Phun who has travelled extensively, documenting his travels through photography. He specializes in location portraits, weddings and editorial work. Peter gives some valuable advice for travel photographers.

Travel photography is quite different from other photographic endeavors especially if you plan to make a living from it. Most successful travel photographers are writers as well. Actually in the print world, you can’t separate words from pictures. They complement each other.

What the picture can’t show, the words explain in greater detail. So it’s no surprise that some travel articles are sometimes from husband and wife teams. That’s the perfect job for couples. Think exotic locations, the love of your life with you and endless adventures together.

My biggest problem with travel photography is that a lot of the imagery you see have been so photographed that they’re the equivalent of visual clich├ęs. What comes to mind when you think of China? Great Wall of China, or the Forbidden City in Beijing? Egypt? The Great Pyramids. India… the Taj Mahal. Indonesia…Borobodur. Cambodia…Angkor Wat.

Follow the link to read the full articleTravel Photography: Planning & Documenting – PictureCorrect
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