Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Photo Postcard Exhibition

This is a unique exhibition open to photographers of all types which will not only give you the opportunity to exhibit your photo, but will also help raise money for charity.

Address Unknown

Address Unknown is an anonymous Photo Postcard Exhibition 

Only revealing the photographers at the end

Who will they be?

 Address Unknown is an open, international exhibition where Photo Postcards, by photographers or artists from stars to students, are shown together in equality no matter where they come from in the world, or who took them. Revealing both the shared and the different experiences of our world’s cultures and environments.
It is our vision to get 1000 or more photographs from as many people and places across the globe, to create an explosion of photographic moments through the secret eyes of the world, over one year.
The Photo Postcards will then be for sale for a Flat Rate in support of the charity PhotoVoice 
Each postcard in the exhibition is anonymous until it is sold
Then the identity of the photographer is revealed
You could own an exclusive image by a celebrity, a professional photographer or motographer, a new, up and coming student, or an amateur. You will buy something because you like it, something that there will only be one of in this form. When you buy the image you will receive a certificate of authentication that reveals the photographer’s identity.
To Take Part in the Address Unknown Exhibition 2012
Address Unknown is free and provides an opportunity for photographers or artists, from stars to students to be a part of this extraordinary open, international exhibition space and promotion of them and their work.
We would love you to contribute postcard‐sized, original, photographic images taken in 2012, they will be printed at no cost to you by our wonderful sponsors, Loxley Colour, and the Exhibition will run for the last week in March 2013. 
The images are what YOU JUDGE to be your best photographs of the year and the only theme is that YOU WISH to share it to the world.
Please keep it a secret which images are yours
But please do tell everyone about us so as many people as possible get to take part.
Go to the website for more details.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Photoshop Tricks

This article by Gavin Phillips on Photography Correct gives a handful of useful Photoshop tricks to help improve your post photography.

Even when using proper exposure and camera settings, sometimes you may take a photo that you feel needs a little something extra. We always try to ‘get it right in the camera’, but sometimes you cannot avoid issues. Below, we’ll go through a few different scenarios you might come across in which you need to make an improvement that goes beyond basic level and curves corrections. Let’s get started.

To read Gavin's tips, follow this link: Photoshop Tricks – PictureCorrect

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunset over Oxfordshire Countryside

We went for a walk today to Stoke Woods, just north of Bicester. On the way back we stopped to take photos of the sunset. Here are a couple of the images:
Oxfordshire Sunset
Oxfordshire Sunset
 Fine Art America                                                 Photo4Me
Trees at Sunset
Fine Art America                                                 Photo4Me

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Photographing Dragonflies and Damselflies

An article from Picture Correct by Ashley Feolens, also known as the fatphotographer, in which she gives some great tips on photographing dragonflies, with some great images to demonstrate her techniques.

Bright, colorful, alien-like dragonflies and damselflies are some of the most unusual creatures you or I are likely to come across. Moving at seemingly impossible speeds and always seeming to be on the go, these insects can be a challenge to even the most experienced photographer, but there are ways to increase your chances of getting the wall perfect shot. Hopefully, here, you will gain a much better understanding of how you could achieve these shots yourself.

Follow the link to read the full article: Photographing Dragonflies and Damselflies – PictureCorrect
David Busch's Close-up and Macro Photography Compact Field Guide

David Busch's Close-up and Macro Photography
David Busch's Close-up
and Macro Photography
Do you wish you had the most essential information you need to shoot compelling close-up photos using your digital camera's advanced capabilities? DAVID BUSCH'S CLOSE-UP AND MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY COMPACT FIELD GUIDE is your solution. This new, lay-flat, spiral-bound, reference guide condenses all the must-have information you need for shooting close-up and macro photos into a portable book you'll want to permanently tuck into your camera bag. 

This guide gives you the guidance and techniques you'll need to achieve beautiful results when working up close with your subjects--flowers, insects, jewelry, you name it. From quick setup advice to tips on lighting, lenses, and more, DAVID BUSCH'S CLOSE-UP AND MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY COMPACT FIELD GUIDE will help you get great close-up results every time.

How To Approach Street Photography In 12 Easy Steps.

An interesting article with some great images about street photography. The article is from Digital Photography School and is written by Valerie Jardin, who says that she lives and breathes in pixels! She writes about photography, as well as teaching this beautiful craft during photo workshops in France and in the US, and soon in Australia!

Many photographers are timid about “shooting strangers” on the street which keeps them from even trying.  Street photography is all about telling a story in a single frame and that’s a beautiful thing.  It’s normal to be reluctant or shy, but these 12 steps will gently ease you into the wonderful world of street photography that exists in your hometown or anywhere else your travels take you. There are lots of stories out there waiting to be told.  Get your camera and let’s go!

To read the full article, follow the linkHow To Approach Street Photography In 12 Easy Steps.
London Street Photography 1860-2010 (Museum of London)

London Street Photography was published in association with The Museum of London to coincide with the major exhibition on show at the Museum until September 2011. 

Street photography thrives in London today. It documents the movement, diversity and seeming incoherence of the most multicultural city in the world. Its defining characteristic is the keen eye of the photographer catching the moment of a chance encounter, a fleeting expression or a momentary juxtaposition in a decisive click. 

However, photographing life on London's streets is nothing new. The first 'instantaneous' London street scenes were taken in the early 1860s, and by the 1890s candid street photographers were snapping Londoners unawares. The 20th century saw many photographers, famous and lesser-known, continue to capture the daily life of London. 

London Street Photography showcases the Museum of London's unique historic collection of photographs. It contains the work of more than seventy photographers and is a fascinating view of London street life of the last 150 years. It includes the work of well-known photographers such as Paul Martin, John Thomson, Humphrey Spender, Bert Hardy, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Roger Mayne and Tony Ray-Jones as well as the work of many anonymous photographers whose contribution has been just as important in recording the story of the city. 

The book includes an introduction by Mike Seaborne, Senior Curator of Photographs at the Museum, in which he outlines the history of street photography in the Capital, exploring the shifts in approach as well as the impact of new cameras that could allow photographers to capture the wealth of detail to be found in London's teeeming streets.

Buy London Street Photography 1860-2010 (Museum of London) now.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

How to Photograph the Moon and Stars with your DSLR

Ever wished you could capture stunning images of the night sky? Thought you needed complicated and expensive equipment?

Shooting Stars will show you how to shoot the moon and the stars with just your digital SLR and a tripod. It will teach you about five key styles of night sky photography and the camera settings required for each:

  • Twilight landscapes 
  • Night sky scenes (short exposures) 
  • Star trails (long exposures)
  • The Moon
  • Night sky timelapse videos
Shooting Stars - how to photograph the Moon and the Stars e-book
Shooting Stars
You Can Photograph the Night Sky

Shooting Stars has simple instructions for getting you started using your camera under the stars. The only other piece of equipment you need to get started tonight is a tripod.

In addition to simple advice about the camera settings to use for each style of night sky photography, Shooting Stars provides detailed discussion of the finer points of imaging in low light conditions. It’s a reference you’ll keep coming back to and will help even professional photographers learn more about their camera and how to use it at night.
Click Shooting Stars to see the full contents of this ebook, and a selection of stunning night sky photographs.

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Visit to Ely

Yesterday, New Years Eve, we went to see Ely Cathedral, the only UK building to be listed as 'one of the seven medieval wonders of the world'. Here are some of the photos taken.
Ely Cathedral
Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral

After viewing the cathedral, we wandered down to the river and saw some Muscovy Ducks:

Muscovy Duck
Muscovy Duck
Female Muscovy Duck
Female Muscovy Duck
Female Muscovy Duck
Female Muscovy Duck
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