Saturday, 23 March 2013

Timelapse Photography

Dave Delnea's newest eBook Timelapse – An Introduction to Still Photographs in Motion is an exciting eBook for photographers looking to shoot and process stunning time-lapse sequences!
Timelapse - An Introduction
Timelapse takes a step-by-step approach to the important aspects of creating moving photographs. Dave discusses the following key areas: cameras and lenses, tripods and support gear, intervalometers, tethering, filters, and of course the settings and techniques to pull it all together. Dave also walks you through Lightroom so you can successfully tackle the editing process, flicker, and output options. 
Timelapse – An Introduction

This eBook is full of tips, tricks, and ways to stay clear of common pitfalls when creating timelapses. Most photographers already have the tools they need to shoot their sequences, but they need help turning their vision into reality.

Timelapse – An Introduction
"I shot and assembled my first timelapse sequence in about two hours after Dave showed me how to do it." - David duChemin  
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