Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How to Improve Your Cityscape Photographs

This article, from Light Stalking is full of valuable advice for taking photos of cityscapes, is by Jason Row, a British born travel photographer now living in Ukraine. You can follow him on The Odessa Files. He also maintains a blog chronicling his exploits as an Expat in the former Soviet Union.

A dramatic cityscape is one of the powerful images we have in photography. It can convey a sense of wonder, power and beauty, often all three together. In this article we are going to take a look at how to shoot cityscapes for best effect.

The Right Time, The Right Place

This well known idiom is very apt for shooting cityscapes. Along with other types of landscape photography, position, time and weather are the vital ingredients that can make or break a good cityscape.

Planning is everything, first you need to scout your location, then you need to analyze the route of the sun across your scene. As with much outdoor photography the best time to shoot a cityscape is during the Golden hours, however, big brightly light cities can also look awe inspiring during the Blue Hour, that hour after the sun sets when the sky is a deep, rich blue.

If you are shooting for instance a medieval city, you will want to shoot in the dawn or dusk light where the soft yellows will give the scene a timeless feel. If your scene is a more modern, dynamic place, the hour from sunset will be a great time to shoot, the last rays of light reflecting from the modern glass and steel edifices, and the neon lights punching into the darkening blue sky.

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