Tuesday, 7 May 2013

PHOTOGRAPH Issue 3 Now Available

The newest issue of PHOTOGRAPH—a digital quarterly magazine for creative photographers—is now available!

This is a gorgeous, ad-free magazine full of great photographs and articles from exceptional photographers who understand that this is not only a technical pursuit, but an artistic one as well. They write as much from the heart as they do from their expertise.

Issue 3 is packed with incredible portfolios and Q+As—this time from: Hengki Koentjoro, Dave Delnea, and Kevin Clark. And there are the usual great columns from people like Martin Bailey, Nicole S. Young, Kevin Clark, and John Paul Caponigro, as well as a featured article from David duChemin of Creaft & Vision about his recent work in Northern Kenya. The magazine is getting better and better all the time. 

You can purchase Issue 3 of PHOTOGRAPH for USD $8 on Craft & Vision. As with all of Craft & Vision's offerings, they aim to knock the content out of the ballpark and do so at exceptional value. That’s why they're offering a one-year subscription for $USD 24—that's four issues for the price of three.

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