Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Released today - NEW Lightroom Preset Package!

One of the best ways to learn Lightroom is with Develop Presets. As a starting point for adopting a new aesthetic and learning the mechanics under the hood, presets are helpful guides that get you closer to the finished product through an editing process that is more efficient—and more fun!

Presets provide an amazing way to shortcut what can otherwise be a long and painful process. Most of us didn’t get into photography because we love computers and software, but because we love photographs. Develop Presets can shorten both the learning curve and the time spent in the digital darkroom.

Today Craft & Vision are launching a new Lightroom Develop Preset Package by Dave Delnea
(46 presets, USD $10). Dave is a commercial advertising photographer. His work has taken him around the world producing sports, lifestyle and travel imagery for clients such as Trump Hotels, Ritz Carlton and lululemon.

We've bundled Dave’s presets with my own Develop Preset offering (36 presets, USD $10) for one great price (USD $18). These make an amazing package of 82 presets, which are used daily by two working photographers.

Both packages come with a PDF guide that includes installation instructions and complete before/after photographs of each preset to give you a sense of what these presets do. Learn more about the bundle.

Order the bundle before May 5, 2013 and you can get both packages for $16 when you use the discount code: PRESET2 

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