Sunday, 2 June 2013

How to Read Clouds as a Photographer – PictureCorrect

An interesting article from Picture Correct, showing you how to make the most out of cloud formations in your photography.

Having been a wedding photographer in Sydney for a few years, I’m continually amazed at how much my photography is dependent on weather conditions. What I have found more surprising, however,  is how much this has driven me to study weather patterns–clouds, in particular. In a sense, a good photographer is also a good meteorologist. Perhaps you haven’t given much thought to cloud patterns as a photographer. If so, this article is for you, and my goal is to persuade you to become a good meteorologist.

In an industry where art and texture are everything, you won’t want to miss the enormous spectre of the sky on your shoot. Growing in your ability to read the clouds will determine and enhance your shoot. As a photographer in Sydney, there are a few key clouds I encourage you to read and use to your visual advantage.

To read the full article, follow this link: How to Read Clouds as a Photographer – PictureCorrect

Clouds over Lake Manayara
Clouds over Lake Manyara

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