Friday, 26 July 2013

Essential Development for Lr5 and Preset Toolbox


Lightroom is always evolving and so should your digital editing. Essential Development for Lightroom 5  is a no-holds-barred guidebook that can help you explore, modify, and dig deep into the tools you've come to love; and make the most of the changes within the new Lightroom 5 upgrade.

Essential Developments for Lightroom 5

Lightroom tools can make your post-processing efforts more productive if you know how to wield their power. This eBook will give you the foundation on which to produce the final images your portfolio deserves!

The eBook is focused entirely on the Develop module. It's divided into 20 chapters covering topics such as: Understanding The Histogram, Making White White, Beauty Retouching, Dodge & Burn for Beauty, Cross Processing, Achieving a Filmic Look, Image Toning, Tilt Shift, Effective Sharpening, and Correcting Lens Issues. A bonus section on the all-new Radial Filter is also included.

Here's a sneak peak inside the new eBook:  

Essential Developments for Lightroom 5
This product also includes a toolbox of 100 presets giving you a range of building blocks and looks to help you get to your final image quickly. Presets are a great way to cut down your editing time and with Sean's toolbox at the ready you'll have a custom styles and tastes right at your finger tips.

Whether you’re just looking to tweak your knowledge of Lightroom since the jump from LR5, or you’ve been waiting for a great resource that doesn’t bog you down in Library modules and Print templates, Essential Development for Lightroom 5 is a useful, hands-on offering that we know you’ll love.

Sean is a consummate professional and an industry leader in Lightroom education. He’s delivered a massive, concisely-written eBook full of detailed screenshots that make it feel more like a workbook than an eBook.

This product is a package (.zip file), which includes the PDF of Essential Development for Lightroom 5 and a folder of 100 Lightroom Develop presets created to speed up your workflow.  

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