Friday, 4 October 2013

5 Creative Ways to Find New Locations to Photograph

Do you ever get bored photographing at the same location? Well so does John Davenport, and he has put together five methods he uses to find new locations.

John runs a YouTube series called "Let's Edit" which focuses on how to edit photos with Lightroom. He has also recently announced a new addition to his site called "The Darkroom" an exclusive membership area for those who want more help with their post production needs. 

In this article for Digital Photography School, John says:

There’s truly nothing like visiting a location for the first time – I absolutely love it and I strive to always photograph at least one new location a month.

When I started on my photography journey this wasn’t a hard challenge to meet as even my own backyard was new to me and my camera, but as time went on things got a bit more difficult. New locations became ‘go-to’ spots and there came a point where I was only photographing at places that I had previously visited.

While I’d love to travel the world on a whim I just don’t have the means or time to do so which severely limits the range of my ‘new locations’ to places within driving distance from my house. As a result I’ve developed this list of useful techniques for getting the most out of my local area and I hope that it will help you do the same!

Follow this link to read Johns article in full:  5 Creative Ways to Find New Locations to Photograph - Digital Photography School

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