Monday, 21 October 2013

A Quick and Dirty Guide To Depth of Field

Today's article comes from our friends at Light Stalking and is an easy to follow explanation of Depth of Field. It is written by Tiffany Mueller is a professional music and fine art photographer. She has been published in multiple publications including magazines, art journals, and various photography books. She blogs at Life Is Unabridged.

Depth of field is a essential part of photography and being able to master it can take your shots to the next the level. Because of it’s usefulness, any photographer should make the effort to understand how to control the depth of field in their images. This task, however, is more easily said than done for many. There is a whole lot of science and math that can explain depth of field quite precisely and you should, at some point, take the initiative to study it. . But, as a primer and to quickly get you on your way to mastering depth of field, here a few quick tips you can use.

Follow this link to read the article in full: A Quick and Dirty Guide To Depth of Field 
Here is a recent example of mine where I have used a narrow depth of field to blur out the background.
European Eagle Owl

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