Friday, 25 October 2013

Anticipating Great Images

Todays article from Digital Photography School explains the importance of using anticipation to help you capture great images. It is written by Dan Bailey, a full time professional outdoor, adventure and travel photographer based in Alaska. When he’s not off exploring in the mountains, writing about photography, or flying his little yellow bush plane, he can sometimes be found lurking in the forums at DPS.

What if you could predict the future? Wouldn’t that make you a much better photographer?

Think about it: Photography is largely about capturing the moment. Not just any moment, though. We’re talking that singular instant when light, expression, movement and environment all converge in one significant fraction of a second. That’s when the dirt’s flying, the action’s peaking and that ray of golden sunlight is turning your subject into a hero. If you knew exactly when that moment of truth was going to happen, you’d be a true camera master.

Follow this link to read the article in full:   Anticipating Great Images - Digital Photography School

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