Sunday, 20 October 2013

How Light Can Be Used in Photography

Today's article from Picture Correct details the various types of light a photographer had to contend with. It is written by Luis E Gonzalez ( ). He enjoys photography and has been doing so professionally and independently for over 30 years. He’s also had several photographs and articles published in local and national publications.

Photography cannot exist without light. From the beginning of photography, the only element that had to be present for photography to exist was light, and this is still true today. Use of light in photography needs to be understood to make photos stand out from your everyday snapshot. One needs to know how the position of light will make or break the photo.

Most professional photographers, with the exception of studio photographers who have total control of the light, usually stay away from the midday sunlight. This type of light creates strong, harsh shadows and gives very strong highlights. The result is strong contrast which looks normal to the human eye but is usually well beyond the dynamic range of most film and digital cameras. Shooting in strong midday sun will cause your subjects to lose much of their detail. The preferred light types for photographers who shoot outside are sidelight, backlight, twilight, front light, and light from overcast days, also referred to as diffused light.

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