Sunday, 27 October 2013

How & When a Monopod Can be Used to Take Sharper Photos

Some basic advice today by Dan Etreim on the correct use of a monopod. Dan Eitreim writes for ontargetphototraining and he has been a professional photographer in Southern California for over 20 years. His philosophy is that learning photography is easy if you know a few tried and true strategies.

Here’s a photo tip you aren’t likely to find anywhere else… how to use a monopod to get better photographs. A monopod (like the tripod) is an essential piece of camera gear.

We all know that using a tripod will give us cleaner, sharper photos. That’s a given. But lugging around a tripod can often be a major challenge–not to mention there will be a lot of times when it is impossible to use one. There just isn’t room.

So, most photographers (at least the ones who are serious enough to want good photos) end up getting a monopod and are greatly disappointed. Generally, it ends up in a closet somewhere never to be seen again.

Follow the link to read Dan's tips...How & When a Monopod Can be Used to Take Sharper Photos – PictureCorrect

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