Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Learn How To Shoot Your Own Dream Photo Project

Have you ever thought about creating your own photography project? 

Well Rob and Lauren, who run Photography Concentrate did just that. Now they show you just how they did it and show how you too can shoot your own project. Read what they say about it.

Hi, we’re Rob and Lauren, the head ninjas here at Photography Concentrate where we teach photography to more than 80,000 people every month! In the spring of 2013 we shot our first documentary project, and it was an incredible experience. Now we want to help you plan and shoot your very own project, and save you from making the same mistakes we did.

How We Did It: Lobster Island goes behind the scenes, showing everything that went into making this photography project happen. We cover it all, from the initial planning and research, travelling, shooting the project, designing the website, all the way up to publishing the printed book and launching the project! 

We share the mistakes we made and the tough moments, as well as the thrills and benefits of doing this type of photography. 

This spring we spent a month on Prince Edward Island, a small province on the east coast of Canada, documenting lobster culture. We explored picturesque wharfs, met tons of amazing people, and even spent a day on the ocean photographing how lobster are caught!

Shooting a documentary photography project was a long-time dream of ours. But we kept putting it off, because we didn't know where to start. Finally we stopped stalling, jumped in and figured things out by trial and error. And trust me when I say there were some errors!

Then we took everything we learned, and put it into a brand new eBook called How We Did It: Lobster Island. Now you can skip the mistakes, and plan and shoot your own dream photography project, faster and easier!

And Become a Better Photographer!
You might be thinking: This all sounds nice, but I don't plan to shoot a documentary photography project. Well, no matter what level you're at, or what type of photography you do, shooting a project like this can help you improve your skills! 

Great images happen when the photographer is genuinely interested in the subject. Think about a topic you're fascinated by. Now imagine getting to photograph it! You'll find you approach the work with new levels of creativity and energy. You'll see things in a new way and notice little details that bring new depth to your photos. 

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