Sunday, 13 October 2013

Photography Rules and Finding Balance to Discover Your Own Style

Today's article from Digital Photography School looks at photography rules and learning when to follow them, when to break them, and when to vary them up just enough to fit your image and to develop your own style. It is written by Lori Peterson, an award winning photographer based out of the St. Louis Metro Area. Her dynamic work ranges from creative portraits to very unique fine art photography. Lori’s work can be seen at and also on her blog at

Digital photography has put the camera in more hands than ever before and everyone seems to either want to follow the standard mold of photography or they want to completely break away from it.

For instance, Ian Ruhter took a delivery van and transformed it into a giant wet plate camera. There are so many photographers out there that are wanting to copy someone else’s style instead of finding their own. Learn the rules and then use them or twist them as you need to do to make your own art and to tell your story. One part of your image may follow the standard photography rules and another part will completely be out of the norm. Not everyone sees the image or the story the same and that is fine. Don’t get so caught up in trying to make everything absolutely perfect that you lose the shot.

To read the full article follow this linkPhotography Rules and Finding Balance to Discover Your Own Style

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