Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sky Photography Tips and Techniques

In this article from Picture Correct, John King looks at the topic of photographing the sky. John is a pilot and amateur photographer residing in South Florida. His interests include kayaking, sailing, and nature photography, and he has recently completed the coastal portion of the Florida Master Naturalist Course.

How many beautiful nature pictures have we all seen with little or none of the sky-scape? You may think of the sky as only some unavoidable background for most of your nature photo subject matter, and the more blue it is, the better. Well guess what? Mother Nature has a treasure trove of eye catching possibilities up, overhead if you only take the time to have a look and know what to look for.

Lets start with the basics. Obviously, a beautiful clear, deep blue sky makes for a good backdrop for many subjects but can be rather dull by itself, as can a completely gray overcast sky. Now start adding fluffy white cumulus clouds and it starts getting more interesting, but it is only the beginning of the many opportunities the sky can provide for unique and pleasing photos.

Follow the link to read the full article: Sky Photography Tips and Techniques – PictureCorrect
Here are a couple of my photos in which the sky is the main subject - let me know what you think.
Slovenian Sunset
Slovenian Sunset
Clouds over Portsmouth
Clouds over Portsmouth

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