Thursday, 31 October 2013

The 10 Golden Rules of Wildlife Photography

In this article from Picture Correct wildlife photographer Carlos Pereira gives his Golden Rules of being a wildlife photographer. Carlos received a qualification from the British Institute of Professional Photographers. He developed a successful business in the UK as a wedding and Portrait photographer. He received further training in the USA from Monte Zucker, a master photographer. His Wildlife and Portrait photographs have been published in the UK and European photographic magazines. He concentrates his photography as a travelling photographer and a teacher, offering his expertise as a nature photographer through digital books. 

Generally speaking, people give close attention to good quality work. A good craftsman is appreciated; his skill, creativity and professionalism exude quality. Photographing wildlife is no different; the successful photographer must give attention to every aspect of his craft and treat it professionally. The following golden rules provide a strong foundation:

The 10 Golden Rules of Wildlife Photography – PictureCorrect
Here is one of my own favourite wildlife photographs, taken while on safari in Tanzania in February this year.

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