Friday, 8 November 2013

Landscape Photography Tips Checklist

An in-depth article giving some very useful tips for the aspiring  Landscape Photographer. It is from Picture Correct and written by Dan Eitreim who writes for ontargetphototraining. He has been a professional photographer in Southern California for over 20 years. His philosophy is that learning photography is easy if you know a few tried and true strategies.

This article is a review of landscape photography tips and techniques I’ve covered before. Have you wondered why I’m going over previously covered ground? There are several reasons.

First, I wanted to have all these landscape photography tips and techniques listed together so you can more easily make a checklist. I hope you’ve done that. In the excitement of the moment, it’s easy to forget important and rather obvious techniques.

Second, it’s good to review from time to time, because statistically, only about 15 percent (or fewer) of you will read any particular article I write. So actually, this is new material for 85% of you.

Read all of Dan's tips here:     Landscape Photography Tips Checklist – PictureCorrect

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