Monday, 18 November 2013

Nightscapes: Photographing the City at Night

Do you think about taking photographs at night, but are unsure what to do because of the lack of light? This article from Joseph Eckert, is full of useful information to help you make the most of night time photography. It published by our friends at Digital Photography School. You can learn more about Joseph at his web site, Joseph Eckert Photography.

The idea of taking photographs at night can be counterintuitive to the novice photographer. After all, photography is an art, a craft, a technology that is wholly built on light. Film or digital, it doesn’t matter: we need light to make a photograph—it is as simple as that.

Night, of course, by very definition lacks the pervasive light of day, and therefore doesn’t seem like a good time for photography. In the broadest sense, this intuitive understanding of light and its importance to photography is absolutely correct. Night does represent a more challenging time to take pictures, because we lack all those wonderful photons barreling down from the sun and reflecting off everything interesting and into our waiting lenses.

However, note that I said “challenging” but not “impossible.” Indeed, nighttime photography is not only possible; it is wonderfully ripe for creative expression and can help you create genuinely unique looks in your work.

Follow this link to read the article in full:..........Nightscapes: Photographing the City at Night - Digital Photography School
Here is one of my attempts at night photography. A night shot of Windsor Guildhall, also known as the Town Hall, showing the light trails of a passing bus. Close to Windsor Castle, the Guildhall was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and finished in 1689. The Guildhall was the venue for the civil wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles on 9th April 2005.
Windsor Guildhall
Windsor Guildhall
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